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The unseen problem

Hidden risks

£900- £6500cost of health per employee per annum
40%of all sickness absence days
is due to mental health disorders
Health is one of the major hidden risks and costs for modern business: it can range from £900 to £6500 per employee per annum, 4-6% of the payroll. But these are costs that are simply not seen. Absenteeism is not managed or recorded properly - in many companies it runs at twice the level that employers assume.

Drivers of employee health are also poorly understood, despite their clear relationship with performance. In many cases companies appear reluctant or unable to learn about their own employees and working environment, despite all the potential benefits that could bring.

Presenteeism is another invisible issue that businesses, even when aware of it, are unsure of how to address. One in five people suffer stress in the workplace at any given time: this is often built on issues of stress outside of the workplace. Problems are managed and decisions made in isolation, without seeing the bigger picture, and this silo approach greatly restricts the ability to impact on both individual and corporate health. Insurance firms are treated as adversaries, instead of being brought to the heart of things and involved in the understanding and management process – as a result premiums are inflated and response times are slow.

No understanding, no early intervention, no proactive rehabilitation, no control. It doesn’t have to be this way.